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Lifelong learning is not something we do only when time allows, its a commitment to answer our call of improvement of ourselves and  every human being.

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AD Intro

Setting up Active Directory Domain Services and using integrated AD tools.

Veeam Products

Overview of suite of VEEAM solutions and how to install and manage them.

Network Simulators

Comparing different network emulation technologies and how to build a base config.


Built from Open Source

Our roots are in the open source community. When experts are enabled to  collaborate without financial barriers,  the result is always greater than the sum of its parts. 

Efficiency & Practicality

Anyone should be able to jump into learning something and get hands on experience that is relevant and engaging. Maintain your passion with immediate progress.

Focus Areas

Having Fun

Tap into the passion that got you started in your IT journey and enable the same for others.

Refining expertise

Mediocre proficiency is meaningless and is quickly left behind. Expect more than is possible and surpass potential.

‘Take a book, leave a book’ guides our every day. Learn what you can, share what you know.

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Learn, Do, Share


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